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Warner Robins Pine Straw

Our highly dependable pine straw delivery to customers across Middle Georgia allows us to provide quick service and expert installation. We’re delivering pine straw to our customers in Georgia daily.

The team at Georgia Roots has extensive experience in constructing and installing hardscapes.

Why Mulch & Pine Straw are Important

Mulch and pine straw not only serve as an aesthetic purpose in your landscape, but when spread at the recommended depth of two inches, it provides an evaporation barrier keeping roots cool and moist in the Summer, and acts as an insulator, protecting roots from harsh Winter weather.

Pine straw mulch is lighter weight than bark mulch. This allows for greater percolation of water and is easy to distribute. So, is pine straw good mulch in comparison to bark mulch? Not only does it increase percolation but it creates a network of needles that help hold down erosion and protect unstable areas.

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